We have a huge team of experienced staff and volunteers ready and willing to support your next event or project.

Brisfest 2013

Event Staff

If you’re looking for experienced, qualified event staff we have everything from licensed plant drivers (telehandlers, forks etc) and riggers, to traders and gate managers. We can cover all your event staffing needs at very competitive rates from £100 a day, using only highly trained, professional team members. Many of our staff started off as volunteers, working their way up through our training programmes to gain experience at many other events around the world. Our booking fees for this service all go back into training the next wave of event staff.


Looking for stage teams, decor crews, gate teams or similar? Looking for dedicated volunteers to fulfil these roles? We can help! Our organisation is made up of hundreds of people looking to gain more experience in these areas, who love working at festivals and events. Our volunteer managers can recruit, filter and fill these roles, offering support throughout and ensuring all volunteers complete their duties whilst also feeling cared for and appreciated.


We know first-hand how difficult it can be to recruit and manage enough stewards to run your event safely. We have years of experience running targeted recruitment campaigns, using custom automated software, running deposit systems, and managing stewards on site.

Event Management, Licensing & Planning

Whether exploring a new event or expanding an existing venture we can offer support through the licensing and planning process. We can offer feasibility studies, locations, budgets, paperwork creation, licensing, liaison with local authorities, noise and traffic management, and consultancy, all at rates that may be cheaper than you think. With guidance from those with over 10 years experience in the field responsible for helping 5 UK festivals start up that are still going strong, this service usually pays for itself as the costly mistakes so often made by new event organisers are avoided.

Stage Programming & Showcase Venues/Areas

Have an event that you’d like to bring a little Brisfest flavour to? Want to support our charitable work? Want us to promote our involvement to our databases and online communities of over 50,000 people? Please drop us a line. We will usually consider running an exciting stage or venue for costs only, no fees.


We have a huge warehouse of beautiful decor all hand crafted by local artists, also available for specific commissions. Whether its drapes or illuminated signs we can do it. From club nights to weddings, to under-water or graffiti themed, we’ve got it covered.

Interested in any of these services? Got an idea to work together in another way?