The Bristol Festival Community Group was set up in 2007 to launch a new community-focused festival for the South West after the beloved Ashton Court Festival ended. Started by a group of passionate volunteers who felt it vital that the city retained a not-for-profit festival to showcase local artists, the organisation was officially registered as a charity in early 2008.

Over the following years it became apparent that the organisation is about more than just a music festival, with up-skilling the community, creating routes into paid employment and supporting the local creative scene core to our ethos.

The Bristol Festival Community Group is a volunteer-run organisation, led by a board of trustees, and a volunteer committee  for each event we stage comprising of up to 250 volunteers. This includes local promoters, venue owners, musicians, performers, festival crew and volunteers with a wide range of skills to give, or areas of interest that they are seeking to expand.

All proceeds from our events go back into the community festival and supporting our charitable work in training volunteers and providing a major showcase for local talent. We keep the festival as affordable as possible, making tickets the lowest price they can be, while offering free tickets to anyone who cannot afford them through our volunteering opportunities.

Brisfest 2013. 21 September 2013

Aims & Objectives

Our main objective is to support and promote music, art and culture in the South West, whilst aiding personal development and community cohesion.

We do this through high profile festival events (our biggest being Brisfest and Rave on Avon), designed to increase exposure for local artists across a spectrum of disciplines.

We also focus on volunteering and those wishing to gain experience or training in the music and events industry. By offering hands-on work experience and engaging volunteers in our mentoring, skill swap and free training programs we aim to increase employment prospects, as well as providing a rewarding and engaging community project.

Some Quick Facts

  • Not for profit. All proceeds go towards our charitable aims.
  • We are governed by a board of trustees, we have a core team of area managers and a further 250+ volunteer committee members who work year round in a number of areas to plan all aspects of the charity and its events.
  • We are joined by over 1000 volunteers, 2000 artists, the media and a diverse range of local businesses who help us to bring our festival Brisfest and other events together.
  • The vast majority of our staff and performers work for free. Without their commitment and hard work the BFCG wouldn’t be here today.
  • We invest all profits back into our training programme and events each year to make us bigger and further reaching and to better facilitate our volunteer development.
  • We have strong ties within Bristol’s thriving events industry and provide our volunteers and trainees with decent routes into paid work, whilst providing companies with staff who are trained, competent and have decent ‘on the floor’ experience.
  • We have an Environmental Impact and Sustainability team, with highly experienced industry managers on board, who have been helping us to lower our already relatively low carbon footprint, and working towards official accreditation such as the ISO20121 award. Sustainability is key to everything we do, and green practices have been utilised in our events and year round operations for many years.

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